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Tell Tale Signs you need a PI Lawyer

Do you need to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer? If you identify with any of these tell-tale signs, we suggest you seek counsel. If you are not sure, give us a call, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you decide. Ask yourself the following questions.

1. Did you suffer severe injuries from an accident that was not your fault?

Do your injuries require long term treatment? Are you facing months of rehab and mounting costs? Are you feeling financially overwhelmed with handling the damages? We can help you seek compensation in such cases.

2. Are you facing Long-Term Disability because of your injuries?

An Individuals livelihood can change forever after an accident. If you have had to undergo treatment for months or years after an accident or will need long-term medical care. Permanent injuries also mean that you may never resume a productive life. Many insurance policies only consider a limited extent of cost in case of such injuries. As such, you need a seasoned PI lawyer to guide you on how to claim for long-term suffering.

3. Is Your Insurance Company Refusing To Pay The Fair Amount?

Insurance companies have come under the spotlight for being reluctant to pay claims. When an at-fault accident happens, the insurance company covering the “at-fault“ car are supposed to make the necessary compensation for claims made. However, most times, these firms will want to lower their payout as much as possible. When the specific insurance firm engages in tactics to delay your compensation, and providing an unfair assessment for damages incurred, an experienced personal injury lawyer will help assess the appropriate compensation that you are due and work directly with the insurance company to secure an appropriate financial agreement.

4. Are you getting compensation for lost wages?

Part of the negative consequences of an accident is lost income or wages.

When an accident denies you an active income due to resultant immobility or incapacity, the negligent party has the responsibility to compensate you. The amount paid should ensure you return to the same financial situation you were before the accident.
Any attempt to escape such responsibility justifies the involvement of a PI lawyer in the process.

5. Do you have proof of financial losses due to an accident?

Car repair costs and other expenses incurred after an accident should not be on you. However, you may decide to undertake such repairs even before making claims primarily if you depend on your car for routine activities. But this does not mean that you don’t deserve compensation for these expenses.

If you weren’t at fault, then you deserve reimbursement for the expenses. A personal injury attorney will negotiate with insurance adjusters and ensure that you get a fair deal out of the settlement.

6. Is liability for the accident unclear?

When several parties are part of an accident-related situation, the process of determining liability can be complicated. In cases that involve multiple injured individuals, navigating the compensation process is difficult. You are advised to hire a personal injury attorney to help manage this kind of settlement.

If you weren’t at fault, then you deserve reimbursement for the expenses. A personal injury attorney will negotiate with insurance adjusters and ensure that you get a fair deal out of the settlement.

7. Was the other driver intoxicated?

In cases where there is proof the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or other substances; the handling of the case tends to favor the victim. However, to get the most favorable outcome in your case, hiring a reliable and experienced personal injury lawyer ensures you are in safe hands.

8. Did a mechanical failure or a defective product cause the accident/injury?

Do you have a reason or evidence to believe that the accident was a result of a mechanical failure in a car part? If the accident was also a result of defective products such as mobile devices, then you may have cause to claim for compensation.
In case of accidents caused by manufacturer’s failures or defective products, the insights that a personal injury attorney can offer are of great value. Determining liability of the manufacturer may require specific legal interpretations and could become very complicated. Such a process requires documentation and compilation of critical evidence, which is only possible when dealing with a professional lawyer.

9. Were you exposed to toxic substances?

Exposure to toxic substances may cause health complications. Most times, such exposure may be due to industrial waste in the air, water, or soil. In such cases, you deserve compensation for the impact on your health and wellness.

Cases related to toxic exposure may be hard to determine legally, given the complexity in establishing liability. You may need testimonies from experts and scientific analysis to affirm legal responsibility. Meeting these kinds of requirements may be difficult for an ordinary citizen to fulfill.


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