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Jury Verdicts

What is a Case Worth?

Case Values

One of the biggest questions our clients have is what is their case worth? There are a lot of factors that drive case values, including course of treatment, type and extent of injuries, and medical costs. The following are actual jury verdicts for injured plaintiffs in Cook County, Illinois.

$900,000 - Jury Award

Plaintiff (F-30) Beach patron hit in the face by blown over canopy that was improperly secured. Sustained major eye injuries, requiring surgery and ongoing treatment.

$180,000 - Jury Award

Plaintiff (M-58) was walking through a supplier of wood pallets when a large stack fell on him, causing facial laceration requiring stitches and nerve damage.

$1,250,000 – Jury Award

Plaintiff (F-65) was shopping at defendant’s store and tripped/fell over a floor mat that had been rolled-up and stored under a display stand, sustaining fractures that required surgery.

$1,800,000 – Jury Award

Plaintiff (M-27) Motorcyclist was struck by truck that failed to yield when turning right. Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries requiring surgeries and rehab.

$133,167 – Jury Award

Plaintiff was operating a motorcycle when he was struck from behind, sustaining soft tissue injuries precluding him from future motorcycle riding.

$300,000 – Jury Award

Plaintiff (M-65) was driving his motorcycle when a car pulling out of a private driveway stopped short, causing plaintiff to slam into driver’s side, throwing him onto the road. Plaintiff sustained rotator cuff injuries, requiring surgery and ongoing therapy.

$2,000,000 – Jury Award

Plaintiff (F-55) was fatally injured after being struck by a vehicle that swerved onto the sidewalk while fleeing from police.

$650,000 – Jury Award

Plaintiff (M-56) was walking on the sidewalk and was hit by a vehicle turning left, sustaining severe bone fractures in his leg and fingers and a broken nose.

$250,000 – Jury award

Plaintiff (F-65) retiree sustained a subdural hematoma and broken ribs when she was hit by defendant’s car while in a crosswalk, hospitalized for 7 days for medical treatment.

$400,000 – Jury Award

Plaintiff (M-42) was rear-ended at the intersection of Rt. 126 and Van Dyke Road in Plainfield, sustaining significant injuries to the spine and nerve system.

$263,419 – Jury Award

Plaintiff (F-34) was stopped at a red light when defendant (M-17) rear-ended her vehicle, causing her to sustain shoulder injuries requiring medical treatment.

$1,250,000 – Jury Award

Plaintiff (F-22) was stopped at the red light when she was rear-ended by defendant and pushed into the vehicle ahead. During the collision, plaintiff sustained significant injuries to her hip (detachment), eventually requiring reconstructive surgeries involving anchors, plus various minor traumas, and additional medical treatment.

$700,000 – Jury Award

Plaintiff (M-47) driving cement truck was at a stop, waiting for the light to change, when defendant, a driver for a trucking company, was distracted and hit a semi-truck, pushing it into the cement mixer. Plaintiff suffered severe neck and spinal injuries requiring surgical treatment.
This list is not a guarantee of results and is not a representation of our performance as attorneys. This is for informational purposes, only. This is not a comprehensive list of case results or possible jury awards, which can include defense verdicts with no award.